Saturday, 14 August 2010

ARPEDAC Online Volunteer Coordinator

We are looking for committed and dedicated Online Volunteer Coordinator for a core/leadership role. The ARPEDAC Online Volunteer Coordinator is a volunteer; he or she is NOT paid for service to ARPEDAC, and he or she provides service online from his own home or work computer. He or she:

• recruits and screens all new online volunteers who want to support ARPEDAC in some way (except for management Committee members)

• works with the management Committee to identify tasks for online volunteers, to support and manage online volunteers, and to report on the involvement of online volunteers in their core/leadership ARPEDAC tasks

• tracks all online volunteer involvement and all online-volunteer contact information (this is done currently via a spreadsheet which can be accessed via Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice or NeoOffice)

• reports to the management Committee of ARPEDAC at least every other month regarding online volunteer involvement in support of ARPEDAC (numbers, challenges, results, etc.)

• posts messages to ARPEDAC website, the CASEFforum, and others regarding online volunteer support (thanking recent volunteers, highlighting recent contributions, soliciting new volunteers, etc.)

• fully documents his or her work for future/other volunteers that will fill this position.

We are an innovative non-profit association registered in Cameroon; we are running our activities and our project in Cameroon and the Central Africa sub-region. Due to the unusual nature of our project in developing countries such as Cameroon, have local skills to develop or implement most our projects is a great challenge; therefore alternative ways to involve international professionals are indispensable. In order to achieve this, we need a professional Online Volunteer Coordinator for a core/leadership role to professionally mange those future involvements.

Your contribution as a volunteer will be to manage ARPEDAC online volunteer the way that it will significantly benefit ARPEDAC. It will help to increase recruit professional volunteers to support our cause. The primary tool for recruitment of ARPEDAC online volunteers is the UNV Online Volunteering Service web site (, with references in the ARPEDAC monthly email newsletter.

The ARPEDAC Online Volunteer Coordinator should *not* supervise volunteers providing service to in Cameroon; the core/leadership ARPEDAC volunteers are responsible for supervising their own volunteers, and reporting back to the ARPEDAC volunteer coordinator in Cameroon.

The ARPEDAC Online Volunteer Coordinator MUST:

• Be a member of ARPEDAC (membership is free)

• have managed people online in some capacity (know how to motivate, support, screen, etc.)

• know where to find volunteer management resources to deal with volunteer management/support challenges

• have excellent writing skills, particularly regarding online communications

• know how to use different worksheets within a spreadsheet file

• fluency in both English and French

• answer emails within 72 hours/three business days

• great attention to detail

• a commitment to seeing an assignment through to completion, and

• a passion for the mission of ARPEDAC .

Also, it is highly desirable that the Volunteer Coordinator knows how to use:

• very basic web-based tools such as YahooGroups, GoogleGroups, etc. to manage members or a mailing list

• online video (recording him or herself and uploading to YouTube)

• instant messaging

• Skype.

If you have proven skills and experience in managing people online and if you'd like to use your skills to make a difference supporting so many people in needs with our project, then we'd love to talk to you.

The volunteer who takes on the role of ARPEDAC Online volunteer coordinator needs to commit to do this assignment regularly for at least six months. Near the end of that period, he or she will be given the option to extend for additional months or to resign.

This is an excellent opportunity to expand your online/remote management skills, something that is looked upon very highly by potential employers.

Please send an email to , with your full name, a description of why you are interested in this position and why you feel you are qualified for such, and a CV attached.

Candidates are initially asked questions via email related to the aforementioned qualifications. If a candidate demonstrates the proper qualifications, then he or she will be asked to sign an agreement accepting the assignment for one year.