Monday, 13 April 2009

Partners, Members, Volunteers and Colleagues,

Dear Partners, Members, Volunteers and Colleagues,

In January 2009, we founded ARPEDAC. ARPEDAC plays a key role in promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and developing a partnership between community, academic institutions, government and industry in the Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS).

Membership of the Association is made up by anyone who will wish to support the aims and mission of the group including, professionals, students, volunteers and institutions that focus their effort to advance sustainable energy practice in the Central Africa countries.

ARPEDAC intends to support its members by:
  • Coordinating research and pilot projects for market studies and to disseminate energy efficiency measures, equipments, and renewable energy technologies for sustainable development throughout Central Africa
  • Providing technical advise services in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and eco-buildings
  • Engaging actively in lobbying and advocacy work to influence local, regional or national policy making in relation to sustainable development and energy in Central Africa
  • Organising workshops, seminars, and International conferences, and promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and eco-buildings in Central Africa
  • Implementing effective strategies to ensure that public awareness in Central Africa countries about energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies increases exponentially
  • Developing through collaboration with governments, industry, universities, and research bodies, affordable products, practices, services and design which improve energy efficiency and minimise environmental impact in residential and non-residential buildings in Central Africa.
  • Initiating, developing and securing a range of programmes, scholarships, and activities with universities and industries around the world to promote capacity building in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and eco-buildings in Central Africa
  • Stimulating both local entrepreneurs and venture for businesses in energy efficiency, renewable energy and eco-buildings technologies in Central Africa
In this early phase, the Association is looking to increase its membership so that it has a broader knowledge, experience and resource base. Becoming a member will bring you into a large network of experts in the field from all across the world and the continent, and provide a forum through which ideas and experience can be exchanged.
We would like to invite you to join ARPEDAC and we believe that your contribution will be valuable asset to the success and development of the Association. In addition to the support described above, we shall publish newsletters.

We also believe that Partnerships in and themselves have enormous value to the community sector and that they solve problem that the single organisations cannot resolve by them-selves. However, they are also an important component of many other public policy on issues, such as economic development, environment, social and education. therefore APEDAC is looking forward to working in partenrship with researchers, academe, industry, local governments, NGOs and to engaging in research, focus groups, Local Strategic Partnership and take an active role in representing the Central African Community on the issued related to energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Please let us know how we can work together or help you move your agenda forward.

ARPEDAC Activities by Division

In order to focus its work, ARPEDAC intends to divide its activities into 14 divisions which exertion in perfect harmony, however strategically each departments should be developed with time:

1- Research, Innovation and Demonstration Division (Initiates new idea and opportunities, develops and licenses proven novel technologies, pilots novel or new services, eco-technologies and concepts)

2- Capacity Building Division (organises seminar/workshops, initiate and develop training/courses programs)

3- Market Research and Business Development Division (Develops social business plan, stimulates Joints ventures, CDM opportunities)

4- Fundraising Division (manages finance, donor, sponsors, grant applications, develops fundraising strategy)

5- Policy and Strategy Division (assists organisation, group, local government, industry etc ... to develop energy efficiency and renewable energy policy and strategy, laws and Tax advisor)

6- Technical Support Division (advises households, group, local government, industry etc ... on energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions, runs day to day energy clinic service for households)

7- Lobby, advocacy and Campaign Division (organises public engagement activities, campaign on Global Warming, visits MPs, communities organisation leaders and local government leaders, councillors and mayors)

8- Eco-Buildings Division ( promotes low energy homes, green buildings, passive building systems, energy and environment conscious design of low cost homes and buildings, Buildings Regulations, Buildings Integrated energy efficiency and renewable energy systems)

9- Eco-Alternative Technologies and Poverty Reduction Division (focus cheap, affordable and reliable energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies, such as solar cookers to reduce poverty and contribute to meeting MDGs)

10- Water and Sanitation Division (promotes compost toilettes, ecosan system and biogas, design and develop healthy low cost sanitation systems)

11- Publication and Media Division ( develops technical journals, disseminates findings, handbook, TV and Radio communication, Newsletter, Magazine, Library Management )

12- Human Resource, Co-operation and Exchange Division ( Professional recruitment Volunteers, Internships, Award and Scholarships programs)

13- Eco-Villages Division (Focus on Eco-Agriculture, rural energy opportunities, and Forest conservation, contributes to meeting Millennium Villages Goals)

14- Energy Information and Statistic Division (provides statistic on energy pattern (production, usage and demand) for different countries and the sub region of the Central Africa)

We hope that you will join the Association and look forward to hearing from you.
Our contacts:
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Cameroon: (00237) 99838493 , Mr Ngansop B. Magloire, Secrétaire Exécutif d’ARPEDAC , United Kingdom : (0044) 7842044878, Mempouo Blaise, Founder Member and Chair of the Board
By post : ARPEDAC, BP 20233 Yaoundé, Cameroun